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Roy Kinsey Interview by Mikelle Street for


Meet Roy Kinsey, the Chicago-Based Rapper Whose New Album Is an Ode to Black Femmes

Writing at The Club: A Look at The State of The Dance Circle

Oped & Interview with our founder aCeb00mbaP written by Natasha Mijares

"So I went to Twitter and just demanded answers for why, in a city like Chicago, Smartbar is just constantly pushing up white artists? Whose story are you telling? The programming is not reflective of the city. We went back and forth and I wasn’t even really fighting for myself, I did not want a residency there and I still don’t but I made recommendations because they just said, ‘oh, well we’re just not knowledgeable about these things,’ and that’s a tool of the oppressor: ‘I just didn’t know.’ So I filled in that blank. " aCeb00mbaP for


The official video for BSAYF 'BITCH SHE AINT YOUR FIREND' by Roy Kinsey starring Queen Saya Naomi

Blackie a story by roy kinsey

 blackie: a story by roy kinsey, is the 4th studio album by chicago born, queer-identified, rapper and librarian, roy kinsey. this new, highly anticipated release, is a message-oriented project, covering the effects of racism, the Great Migration, addiction, violence, mental illness and sexuality.