Saya naomi

Who is she?

Saya Naomi is one of Chicago’s most beautiful queens and her flirtatious performances leave audiences energized. She has been doing drag for over 16 years and has performed in cities across America. Her home bar is Sidetrack where she can be found performing every Thursday for Pop Rocks and as a resident entertainer at the monthly Beyoncé night.  

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BSAYF (Official Music Video)

Starring Saya Naomi

Directed by aCeb00mbaP

2 queens in a kitchen

Featuring Saya Naomi & Mister Wallace

Created & Directed by Elijah Mckinnon

Good ENough

Created and Directed by Elijah Mckinno

Hair Story

Created by Saya Naomi, Mister Wallace, Aymar Jean Christian

Directed by Aymar Jean Christian

Music video dream sequence directed by aCeb00mbaP


Directed by Aymar Jean Christian

nupita obama creats vogua

Created & Directed by Aymar Jean Christian