blackie a story by roy kinsey

blackie: a story by roy kinsey, is the 4th studio album by chicago born, queer-identified, rapper and librarian, roy kinsey. this new, highly anticipated release is a message-oriented project, covering the effects of racism, the Great Migration, addiction, violence, mental illness and sexuality.

Meet Roy Kinsey, the Chicago-Based Rapper Whose New Album Is an Ode to Black Femmes

How introspective hip-hop artist Roy Kinsey turned trauma into triumph

Roy Kinsey's Return To Satisfaction

bsayf official music video

Saya Naomi is faced with the reality that the person she thought was her friend is not. Through pain and spirituality, she finds true friendship and togetherness with her community. Roy Kinsey plays her intuition, her guide from shadow to light.


The first taste of blackie: A Story by Roy Kinsey comes in the form a collaboration with Pete Sayke & Stik Figa called Great Aggin